Kenneth Landau


Year, By Kenneth Landau


A-Rab - This was a bit of a controversial comic strip. I remember this one well. I loved the camels. It was the mid 60's and he had this idea again making a funny strip, about something that was serious. Similar to the strip during the war with his comic, Lucky. It was cute and clever, yet, because it was based on a bunch of characters in the middle east (Arabs) it didn't get picked up. The reason the many publishers told him, was because things are really bad between the Arab nation and the U.S., its not a good time for this type of strip right now. Of course, when would it be? I remember my dad being upset saying "Look at this, we can have a strip about the French Foreign Legion, called Crock, but not Arab? This is ridiculous!! He was angry when that one came out.

By Kenneth Landau