Kenneth Landau

Cats N Dogs

Year, By Kenneth Landau


Cats 'N Dogs - - How could my father NOT make a story line and comic strip about his favorite animals. He was a huge animal advocate and rescuer. As we grew up, our house was filled with all kinds of animals. Anywhere from 2-5 dogs at any given time, more than 3 cats usually, then we had frogs, Guiana pigs, a couple pet white rats, multiple hamsters (ok those were mine). And at one point, I do remember a couple rabbits, one that he found in our yard, and a couple ducks. This strip, was so cute, and so clever, I cant imagine this one not selling. Mostly since Garfield did so well and was not nearly as cute of a drawing. But as they say, sometimes those artists made it because they knew the right people.

Cats N Dogs
By Kenneth Landau