Kenneth Landau

Cuthbert The Comic Strip

Year, By Kenneth Landau


Cuthbert - Well, there's a long story about this fellow. And its so long, that it isn't possible to tell the entire thing. But it will be in the book, I am writing about my father, his life and the many up's and downs during his life and career. And then there's Cuthbert. This character started out in this form, as a funny guy, that had funny things happen to him. My dad loved to write anything he felt was humorous that would happen to people. Just day to day things and situations. Sometimes he would sit at our dinner table, while watching TV, and would all of a sudden grab a piece of scratch paper, scrawl something that had just popped into his head. Write a funny cartoon to go with it, smile and turn, and hand it to me. " you get it? Its a cat, on a leash, and the guys trying to walk it, and its called "Optimism", he would say with a grim from ear to hear on his face. So, Cuthbert began as a nice, funny man, but approximately 20 plus years later, ended up being the brunt of soft porn comics my father dabbled in. Again, lots of details on this in my book.

By Kenneth Landau