Kenneth Landau

Dragnet The Comic Strip

Year, By Kenneth Landau


Dragnet - 77- Sunset Strip & Dragnet were both syndicated comic strips. Although they both lasted only about 6 mos, he was not allowed to get credit for his artwork. Many don't know this, but often artists would sign agreements, and if the syndicate or publishers didn't want that artist to get credit, they wouldn't let them sign their names to it. Ken often tried his hardest to, and when he would get that strip back from the publisher, his name had been blacked out. He then would sign the bottom and keep it. These I found. In an interview he had done with Shaun Clancy, a write for Alter Ego magazine about the comic book era, he had said he was so mad that the editor would black out his name. Even in the interview, at age 86, my dad called the guys bastards.

Dragnet The Comic Strip
By Kenneth Landau