Kenneth Landau

Lucky The Comic Strip

Year, By Kenneth Landau


Lucky The Comic Strip - This short comic strip, actually was published with a syndicated company, and ran in the Harrold Examiner in Los Angeles, for a month. The character, Lucky as he was named, looks to be a self image of Kens. He created this comic strip, in 1945-46, right out of the Army. He wanted to create something that would reflect the many months and years many service men had to endure. The comic and lighter side is what he hoped would bring to the soldiers, during such a horrible war. There's actually a couple of the strips, in which he is painting or drawing. He definitely was doing a self image in these. During the war, a small newspaper article was written about him. That he had done multiple cartoons for the walls in the recreation center at Camp Howze, in Texas

Lucky The Comic Strip
By Kenneth Landau