Ken Landau

Rock Beamont

Rock Beaumont

Kenneth landau

Rock Beaumont - Ah, yes...Rock. This is his only comic strip, that he worked hard, off and on endlessly, for many years and made over 100 strips. This would be the strip he took to New York with him, when he was only 26 years old. He pounded the pavement, seeing over 35 top publishers, trying to sell this strip. When I came across over 20 love letters that my mother and he wrote back and forth when he left for NY for a month to find work, I realized this particular strip was something he worked on the longest. The drama and intricate art work in this strip, has probably made it my favorite serious strip he has ever done. Seems he came back over the years and kept adding to it. In the beginning he did all the art work, and a friend of his, that was a writer just starting out, was writing all the stories. But when he went to NY, the publishers told him multiple times that the art work was very good, but the story line wasn't very good at all. Its then, when he decided to write it himself. But again, it never got picked up by a publisher.